Me Myself Anx Your Mum

Me Myself Anx Your Mum

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Title page unzdslcn'
Introduction and aims
Data collection
Data presentation

Section 1: Introduction
*The main aim of this project is to investigate how the methods in barking help to manage people movement and traffic in barking.
1) Hypothesis:
*The methods used to manage people and traffic in Barking has been successful.
Barking forms part of the greater London zone and therefore has experienced severe traffic congestion. I think that people and the local council have taken measures to ease congestion and manage movement of people in this area which is in close proximity to my school and the Olympic park.
2) Background:
Barking is a suburban town in northeast London. Barking has a population of 180,000. Barking has developed a lot over the years. It has improved in terms Urban Development, Transport, and Economic Development etc. Urban development took place in Barking in numerous occasions for example in the 18th century a supermarket was built to support people. Also the barking town centre is being regenerated through a number of schemes. Barking even had a history with fishing. In fact fishing was the most important industry in Barking from the 14th century to the mid-19th century. Barking was implemented with transport systems to improve the traffic management issues.
Map of Barking town centre street view
Map of Barking town centre street view
3) Location:
Map of Barking
Map of Barking
Map of the British Isles

Map of the British Isles

5) Key terms
5) Key terms

Key terms | Definition |
Management strategies | Managing the movement of people and...

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