Me Nd Music

Me Nd Music

Me and Music.

At an early age of about ten or eleven years old I grew up kind of a shy, self conscious little kid. I came from a great family and they brought me up to be the best person I could be. Going into the fifth grade was a blessing. I came to find that a few of my friends were involved in music. Three of my good friends had started a band and it was just so amazing to me. Little did I know that this would be the start of something I would have never expected.

So being the shy, scared little kid that no one cared to notice, I mustered up the courage to ask my buddy mike. I simply asked him if I learn how to play the guitar can I play with you guys. I got the answer that I was hoping for. He told me “if you are really serious then you are more then welcome.” Now all I have to do is somehow get a guitar and break out of my shell.

Christmas time is now around the corner and I knew what I wanted. I asked my mom if she would get me a guitar. She said the only way she would is if I promise that I will stick with it. I happily agreed to what she had to say. Little did she know is that I plan on playing forever. I don’t think she believed what I had to say at the time but in time she will.

We played on and just had so much fun. Before I knew it we were playing gigs in bars and clubs. Here we are only fourteen and fifteen years old playing gigs at bars and clubs around Boston. This was a mind blowing experience that a bunch of young teens from East Boston could actually entertain packed clubs and bars. I truly have become a whole other person.

The name of the band was Down Two Zero. We soon saved money and went into a studio and recorded an album. This opened up even more doors. More people would contact us for gigs and appearances. We just kind of went along for the ride not knowing where this ride was heading. Little did I know what the future had in store for me.

Down Two Zero...

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