Mean Cceek

Mean Cceek

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Describe an important idea in the text. Explain how verbal and or visual features of the text help you understand the idea.

An important idea in the film Mean Creek, directed by Jacob Aaron Estes is the idea of revenge and its consequences. This idea is conveyed through silence and the lack of music as verbal techniques, and camera angles and camera movement as visual techniques. Through the use of these techniques, we are able to understand the ideas much more clearly.

An important idea in the text was revenge and its consequences. In the film, Sam was bullied by George, and as revenge, Sam, his older brother Rocky and Rocky’s friends Marty and Clyde invited George on a boat trip along a river. Millie, Sam’s girlfriend also went on the boat trip. The plan was originally a mean, but still a typical teenage boy prank that was not intended to be sinister, but the film showed that revenge can have serious consequences and that plans can go wrong. The film showed that revenge is not a way to solve problems, as the revenge itself can lead to larger problems that can change people’s personalities and views of life.

A verbal technique used to show the idea of the seriousness of the consequence of revenge is silence. When the group realised that George was truly dead, there was almost complete silence because no one spoke and there was no music in the background. Also, the characters moved lightly and did not make much noise. This shows that they were mourning and were shocked by George’s death as a result of their originally innocent revenge plan. The silence was used so that the audience could also feel the character’s sense of fear and tension as they come to terms with the consequences of the boat trip. The lack of sounds makes the reality of George’s death and magnitude of their problems obvious, as there is nothing to hide or cover it up with. This verbal feature helps us to understand that the revenge plan went wrong and that a huge problem arouse out of...

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