Measuring Economic Health- Gdp (Gross Domestic Policy)

Measuring Economic Health- Gdp (Gross Domestic Policy)

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Economic Health 1
RUNNING HEAD: Measuring Economic Health

Principles of Economics
Charles Meyer
October 23, 2009

Economic Health 2

Gross domestic policy is basically any goods or services that are done in the market. It can be someone eating at a restaurant; a local company making product, or even a trade of product, anything that is being done in our world is considered Gross Domestic Product or also known as GDP. If one would look at the state in which our business cycle is in, they would notice it is a crazy one. For the past three to five years we have suffered from some great blows to our economy. We as American’s have pulled through this crisis and have tried to stay afloat during this economic crisis but it has been a challenge. GDP (Gross Domestic Policy) has fluctuated in many ways causing the cycle of business to go round and round, some turns that it has made have been for the better and some have not. Companies and individuals are not buying, selling or trading as much as they use to. However, our government is spending in areas that are not needed at this present moment. Now, this is all an opinioned observation, but the government spends too much money on the war. It cost thousands of dollars a day to keep a soldier overseas, and we our keeping them over there because of our president. Our president has a large say so on what is spent and collected in our country, so in reality we have no choice. With our government being able to make the many decisions on the financial part of it, that has to affect our jobs. We as citizens of the U.S. see how the government spends our tax money and yet we notice there are still no jobs for us in return. As mentioned before, if we brought our troops home and used that money to provide more jobs for the people that are hurting here in our own country that would make a better story altogether. The choices being made at this present moment with our finances are affecting us in a negative way....

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