Measuring Quality in the Workplace

Measuring Quality in the Workplace

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GE 406

Measuring Quality In The Workplace

Assignment #3


There is a lot of reasons for tiredness in a person. For myself in particular I have narrowed it down to a solid four reasons. Number one being my friends, my friends peer pressure me into staying out late and doing and going to parties with them. A lot of my friends have different school schedules then I do, so we can only hang out at certain times, which is usually late at night. Girls keep me out late because of dates to movies and such. Friends that are at different schools also contributed to my tiredness because when they are in town I feel obligated to go out with them and of course the bar keeps me out late as well which is more of social thing. I put myself as a reason because I should have the ability to say no and get to bed on time. I get distracted easily if it’s talking on the computer playing video games or just out with friends. My family stress and obligations also keep me up late. School is another reason I think I am always tired because I put a lot of hours into homework and studying. If classes are ever missed they need to be made up and extra hours are usually put in. Extra curricular activities keep me up late. The faculty always hounding you to get things done adds stress. Work is a major issue on why I am always tired because of its long hours and the amount of shifts I work. I do have more then one job. The job is sometimes annoying and boring which creates stress which makes me want to just relax and be lazy. In conclusions the four major reasons for my tiredness is friends, work school and most of all myself.

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