Prof.P.C.Pandey, Dept.of Civil Eng., IISc Bangalore

[Web-based Course]
SYLLABUS VERSION 2.0 l7August 2004
12 MODULES: 48 HOURS with Lecture-Plan (Tentative)

Module 1: General Introduction : 4 hours
1.1 Introduction to Composites (1 hour)
General introduction & concept, Historical development, Concept of Composite
materials, material properties that can be improved by forming a composite material&
its engineering potential

1.2 Basic Definitions and Classification of Composites (2 hours)
Basic definitions, Various types of composites, Classification based on Matrix Material:
Organic Matrix Composites(Polymer matrix composites (PMC)/Carbon Matrix
Composites or Carbon-Carbon Composites, Metal Matrix composites (MMC), Ceramic
Matrices composites (CMC); Classification based on reinforcements: Fiber Reinforced
Composites/Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FR P) Composites, Laminar Composites,
Particulate Composites

1.3 Advantages of Composites materials (1hour)
Comparison with Metals, Advantages & limitations of Composites

Module 2:Basic constituent materials in Composites : 4 hours
2.1 Reinforcements & Matrices for various types of composites (1hour)
2.2 Fibers/Reinforcement Materials (1hour)
Role and Selection of reinforcement materials, Types of fibers, Mechanical properties of
fibers, Glass fibers, Carbon fibers, Aramid fibers, Metal fibers, Alumina fibers, Boron
Fibers, Silicon carbide fibers, Quartz and Silica fibers, Multiphase fibers, Whiskers,
Flakes etc.

2.3 Matrix Materials (1hour)
Functions of a Matrix, Desired Properties of a Matrix Polymer Matrix (Thermosets and
Thermoplastics),Metal matrix, Ceramic matrix, Carbon Matrix, Glass Matrix etc.

2.4 Fiber reinforced Polymer (FRP) Laminated composites (1hour)
Lamina & Laminate Lay-up, Ply-orientation definition

Module 3: Behaviour of a Laminae-I : 4 hours
Linear Elastic...

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