Mechnaics of Fashion

Mechnaics of Fashion

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Trend Tracking

Sam Bentham

Mechanics of Fashion

Dr Pammi Sinha

Understanding Fashion – Trend Tracking


This report will define a key trend from Autumn/winter ready-to-wear collections, the trend will then be tracked through its history, and identify the cause of the trends reoccurrence. This will show to what extent designers have gathered ideas from public feelings, and attitudes; and to what degree PESTEL factors of the time have had an effect on the designs.

Definition of Fashion - the latest and most admired style in clothes, cosmetics and behavior.

Definaitions from designers

“Clothes are about much more than just cloth. It’s giving the wearer something more than a garment. It’s tranferring emotion.”
Jessica Ogden

“Clothing is a subliminal language that communicates how you want to be percieved”
Gary Harvey – Levi’s

“I believe in style, not fashion”
Ralph Lauren

“My inspirtation comes from anthropology, genetic anthropology, migration, history, social prejudice, politics, displacement, science fiction and, I guess, my own cultural background”
Hussein Chalayan

“My fashion is more a way of livinglife with your roots, and finding your own true self, than having a logo put on your back”
Christian Lacroix


One trend that has been seen on many of the catwalks for aumun winter 2007, and especially prominent in New York City Fashion Week was the pencil skirt, and subsequent smart tailoring; smart, structured clothing for real ‘grown up’ women.

(all 3 pictures are printscreens from a Podcast)

This years pencil skirt is primarily black, or shades of, the longer and leaner the better, harking back to hobble skirts of the 1900’s; worn with structured and straight cut tailoring. The last few seasons in NYC have been very flimsey, layered and soft with american sportswear leading the way with the likes of Dsquared2 . So as fashion goes, this season was a 1800 turn...

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