Media Folder Example

Media Folder Example



To start with I will look at the Newspaper article, this article is the coverage of Blackpool Football Club’s historic playoff win which sent them into the Premier League of football for the first time since 1971, dated Monday 24th May 2010. I will focus on the coverage on the front and back pages. While focusing on ideology, I intend to show how the country can be brought together through one event no matter what it is. I hope to show this by using the news values as outlined by Galtung and Ruge in 1965.  I shall also attempt to show how hegemony, which was introduced to us by Antonio Gramsci, is also relevant here.

“Ideology = an imaginary relation to real relations.”

(Louis Althusser, 1968. Rivkin & Ryan, Literary theory: An Anthology, Oxford: Blackwell, 2001. Pg 297.)

To word another way, ideology is the study of ideas behind a text (in this case, the newspaper article).

Looking at the front page of the Daily Mirror the whole front page is dominated by the storyline of Blackpool’s win, both the front and back page both act as one giant celebration of the event. The publishers have gone to special lengths to show their commemoration for the event as the usually tabloid red banner across the top is tangerine (the teams dominant colour).

Galtung and Ruge laid out ground rules to specify the importance of events in newspapers. They stated that the values they have fall into three categories:

• Impact, which is simply what effect the story has on the reader along with how many it affects E.g. the Queen abdicating the throne would have more effect than the a cat stuck on a telegraph pole for two hours. In impact there is: Threshold, Frequency, Negativity, Unexpectedness and Unambiguity.

• Audience identification, this is how the reader identifies with the story. E.G. the reader would identify more with David Beckham dying in a car crash than member of the public. In Audience identification there is: Personalization,...

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