Media Is Corrupting Our Society

Media Is Corrupting Our Society

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A very good morning I bid to the respected speaker of the hall, Wise and fair adjudicators, my lovely teammate, my worthy opponent and not to be forgotten members of the hall. Ia m standing here today as the first speaker of the government team, debating on our topic today, “media is corrupting our society” My teammate and I strongly agree that media indeed contribute to the corruption of society

First of all I would like to appreciate the chance to rebut the information given by the first speaker of the opposition team. According to him/her

Ladies and gentlemen
Without further ado, allow me to present my first argument that is the media is shaping our lifestyle in a negative way. Knowledgeable member of the media are voliferously agree about the extremely dentrimental effect on our lifestyle caused by the media. In Malaysia,, we are wwll known as a country that full of traditional culture. The media exposes our young generation to the western life. We can see the teenagers now are proudly and courageously following the western bad lifestyle such as black metal, gothic , skinhead etc.they tend to bond with each other without boundaries.When this happen, a lot of unhealthy symptom such as vandalism, drugs, drink, sex, teenage pregnancy and worsethey get involved in illegal activities for example taking drug and illegal racing. The list goes on. There are many psychological and sociological processes through media which violence turns into violent crime. From a developmental standpoint we know that around the age of 18 months a child is able to discern what is on television and movies. Thus, when a young child sees someone shot, stabbed, beaten, degraded, abused, or murdered on the screen, for them it is as though it were actually happening. They are not capable of discerning the difference, and the effect is as though they were children of a war zone, seeing death and destruction all around them, and accepting violence as a way of life. Researcher...

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