Media vs Gay Adoption

Media vs Gay Adoption

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1122 Crankshaw Street
Franklin, Michigan 48732

July 1, 2010

Fran Steel, Operations Manager
Bob Evans Home Office
78590 Hanks Road
Gregors Town, Tennessee 39780

Dear Ms. Steel:

I am writing because I was in one of Bob Evans restaurants in May of this year, and my experience was not a good one.

When I arrived the place was a mess, there were no clean tables the floors looked like they hadn’t been swept in a week and the bathrooms were dirty. At first I thought maybe they just cleared out a big party or maybe even a bus load of people had just left, and the employees were trying to take care of the problem. I waited in line for 10 minutes before anyone even acknowledged I was there, and that was only because I started to look for someone to help me. When I went to the kitchen door to find someone they were in there standing around talking. The manager looked up to see who was walking around the restaurant and snapped at me when asking who I was, I told him a paying customer looking for help. He then sent a bus person out to clear a table for us so we could sit down. When the waitress finally arrived to help us, she acted like we were putting her out to have to wait on us. When the food finally came out it wasn’t much better than the service

When I brought the problem with the waitress, the and the appearance of the restaurant as a whole to the manager all he said was well the waitress is having a bad day today and as for the rest well he would see what he could do. Although I do understand people having bad days and or not feeling like coming to work all the time,this really isn’t my problem and I didn’t appreciate the experience my family had there.

I have a Bob Evans in my home town and I do enjoy that particular one and thought that all Bob Evans restaurants were of the same beliefs. Although I will continue to go to the Bob Evans in my home town, I do believe with this experience I would have a hard time...

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