Date of Agreement: 10th March, 2013
The Parties:
Party A: Bick Alfy (Chairman of Happiness Street Neighbourhood Association)
Party B: Teonie Smith, Bagy Smith and Remy Smith
The Mediator: James Massey
The Dispute: Removal of Speed Bump on Happiness Street


1. The Mediation will take place on 16th February, 2013 at the Compromise Mediation Facility, commencing at 9:00am and schedule to finish at 5:00pm.
2. The Parties will be represented at the mediation:
(a) For Party A, by John Sealy Attorney-at-Law
(b) For Party B, by Hector Gomes Attorney-at-Law
3. The Parties wish to resolve all claims arising out of, or connected with the Dispute
by mediation.
4. Participation in the Mediation
• The Parties will attempt in good faith with the Mediator to settle the Dispute by mediation ('the Mediation'). While participating in mediation, each party agrees to cooperate with the mediator, and to be open, candid and complete in its efforts to resolve the dispute
• The mediation process is voluntary and non-binding. Any party may withdraw at any time by notifying the mediator and the other party or parties in writing of its intent to withdraw. If the mediation is court-ordered, permission from the court may be required.
• All parties are expected and encouraged to retain their own legal counsel and to withhold final approval of an agreement until they are advised by their counsel.
• Efforts to reach a settlement will continue until:
(a) a settlement is reached;
(b) one of the parties withdraws from the process or
(c) the mediator concludes and informs the parties that further efforts would
not be useful.

5. The role/duties of the Mediator
• The mediator will remain impartial throughout and after the mediation process. Thus, the mediator will not champion the interests of any party over another in the mediation nor in any court or other...

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