Medical Terminology Chapter 1 Review and Application

Medical Terminology Chapter 1 Review and Application

1.) An eponym is a medical term derived from (a.) a person’s name
2.) Standardized anatomical naming is determined by (c.) Terminologia Anatomica.
3.) Commonly used combining vowels are (b.) o and i.
4.) A combining form is defined as a (c.) word root plus a vowel.
5.) A word root (c.) conveys the primary meaning of the word.
6.) A suffix (c.) occurs at the end of the term.
7.) Medical term suffixes (a.) can describe a body condition
8.) If a word is spelled phonetically, it is written (b.) just as it sounds.
9.) If a suffix begins with a consonant, a (a.) combining vowel is needed.
10.) Which of the following terms is an eponym? (b.) Achilles tendon.

Write the plural form for each term.
11.) Phalanges
12.) Nucleoli
13.) Mitochondria
14.) Cervices
15.) Scleroses
16.) Epithelia
17.) Fungus
18.) Ganglion
19.) Fracture
20.) Atrium
21.) Sarcoma

Match the prefix with its correct meaning.
22.) Hyper- above, beyond
23.) Endo- within
24.) Mal- abnormal, bad
25.) Hypo- below, under
26.) par-, para- adjacent to

Match the meaning with its correct prefix.
27.) four- quadri-,-quadru
28.) seven- sept-, septi-
29.) six- sex-, -sexi
30.) nine- noni-

Match the suffix with its correct meaning.
31.) -al - (c.) pertaining to
32.) -emia - (a.) condition of the blood
33.) -poiesis - (d.) formation, production
34.) -taxis - (e.) movement toward a stimulus
35.) -pnea - (b.) breathing

Write the prefix for each of the following terms.
36.) One-hundred - (hecto-)
37.) ten - (dec-, deca-)
38.) one-tenth - (deci-)
39.) one-hundredth - (centi-)
40.) million - (mega-)

Define the following word parts.
41.) -itis - (Inflammation of)
42.) -cyte - (cell)
43.) -osis - (condition)
44.) -pathy - (disease)
45.) hypo- - (below, under, beneath) This is a Prefix. Not a word part.

Define the following terms.
46.) hemiplegia - Paralysis of one side of the body.
47.) polyuria - An excess passage of urine.
48.) lithotripsy - when a...

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