Medical Tourism Market: size and forecast, 2014 - 2020by Future Market Insights

Medical Tourism Market: size and forecast, 2014 - 2020by Future Market Insights

Global Medical
Tourism Market
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Medical tourism is a popular trend that has come about due to advances in the field of medical
technology, growing number of patients and high level of expertise in the medical field. Simply
explained, people travelling from their home country to another country with the intention to
secure medical treatment, which might not be available in their homeland, is known as medical
tourism. Segments such as cosmetic surgery, dental care, fertility treatment, cardiology and
cardiac surgery are the key promoters of medical tourism. Medical tourism has made it easy for
patients to travel to other countries and get much-needed medical treatment and undergo
surgeries. On the other hand, this does have some disadvantages such as low quality medical
treatment. Also people from developed and advanced economies travel to emerging nations,
thus affecting the revenue generation in their respective nation, for instance approximately 1
million Americans travelled outside the US for medical treatment in 2014.
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Medical tourism is rapidly gaining popularity in Asian countries owing to features such as
reasonable cost of medical treatments and surgery, advanced medical technology, hospitality
services, medical professionals and expertise, qualified doctors and nurses, favorable currency
exchange rate etc. Trusted international accreditation and high quality medical services in low
prices are the key drivers of medical tourism. Patients traveling abroad for medical tourism can
save 30 % to 90%.

Report Description
As a result, the demand for medical tourism is expected to witness...

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