Medication Administration

Medication Administration

Medication administration

You will be able to find information on how to administer medication to a patient safely, there are many types of medications and ways they can be given. Here you will learn to give oral medication in pill form.

The first step you do before administering medication in a long term care facility is to attend an accredited nursing school and pharmacology class, it is imperative to learn about the different types of medication, what they are used for, what are the side effects and should this medication be crushed if the patient is unable to swallow medication whole. This particular information can also be found in a medication reference book, which can be obtained at many bookstores worldwide. Is it extremely important to follow these steps while giving a patient medication to prevent errors. Medication for one patient that helps in their recovery could be detrimental to another patient. So please, before starting your medication administration, follow these steps to ensure safe medication administration also known as med-pass.

As mentioned before, know your medication before performing a med-pass.

Before you start your med-pass you will need to check the Medication Administration Record also known as MAR. The MAR contains the person who is to receive the medication, medication, dosage, route and time.

Now that you are in the MAR you will now turn to the room number. Let's use room number 101 for an example. As you are looking at the MAR, room number 101. Check the patient's allergies, majority of the time the patient's allergies are noted on a red label. Please ensure the medication you are about to administer can be administered without fear of an allergic reaction. If an allergic reaction occurs after giving a medication notify the doctor promptly, and have another nurse give the antidote. The antidote will be ordered by the doctor after notification. Allergic reaction would present itself if your patient begins...

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