MediTouch Software

MediTouch Software

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MediTouch Software
DeVry University
Brandy Gifford

Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Start up and Maintenance Fees 4
Compatibility 4
Time 5
Templates 5
Your software, your way! 7
Increased Profit 7
Customer Service 8
Flow of Data 9
Patient Portal 9
Implementation 10
Summary 11
References 12

Having electronic health record software in a medical facility is a must! So, why not go with the best of the best, well that is just my opinion. Every facility needs software they can rely on to get the job done, is affordable to everyone and even has the ability to be mobile. All of these things and many more are available to those facilities that choose to implement Health Fusion’s MediTouch software. When money and time are of the essence, which they always are, you can count on MediTouch software to be affordable and able to get the job done not only fast but right. With all of the perks of MediTouch software, such as preloaded templates, customizable formats and the ability to be specialty specific, MediTouch software seems to take the cake! Not to mention their award winning customer service that is based right here in the good ole United States of America. They also offer an amazing and highly experienced implementation team to help get your facility up and running smoothly. Also, they help to keep your facility on track with any and all updates and maintenance that is needed for your MediTouch software. Health Fusion created MediTouch software to makes the lives of all medical professionals easier and, to me, it keeps going above and beyond that goal.

Start up and Maintenance Fees
Most software costs a fortune to start up in a facility. Other software does not cost a lot in order to start up but the maintenance costs are outrageous and are what I like to call, hidden prices. These are the prices that are usually not included in the promo for the software. This is the fees that get most...

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