Medium Is the Message

Medium Is the Message

Perspectives on Globalization:

To what extent is identity affected by communication technology and the media in a globalizing world?

Identity, Media and Communication Technology

Read and Predict:

The media and the message are powerful forces upon the identity of individuals and groups. Nations provide messages through NEWS, RADIO, TELEVISION and the INTERNET to represent themselves and their people’s decisions in public. This is called: PROPAGANDA. When corporations intend to sell products or services they deliver their message through many of the same media properties through ADVERTISING. Regardless, people are influenced in their thoughts, image, culture, religion and beliefs.

CONCENTRATION is when many of the media properties are owned by one or two private corporations that dominate the shaping of a story. CONVERGENCE is when the corporation merges the media channels and monopolizes the information stream allowing only one view to emerge on a particular event. Soon, the media and the communication network can provide us with what we believe to be true instead of a view or perspective on the situation.

This domination of media and communication creates HOMOGENIZATION and can cause many cultures, languages and traditions to be ignored and denigrated. This is CONFORMITY not CREATIVITY. It displaces indigenous people’s ideas with those ideas from societies with wealth. ASSIMILATION is hurtful. It is an idea of a former period of historical conflict called: IMPERIALISM.

This is similar to CASH CROPS replacing native species and destroying BIODIVERSITY. It benefits those who can afford the products but damages the beautiful FLORA and FAUNA of homelands reducing our use of land to a pure profitable value.
Lately, new ideas about globalization and education are presenting challenges to these theories of conflict. COOPERATION is being promoted through ACCOMODATION of each others indigenous uses of land and creative cultural practices....

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