Mee Rebus Current Market Situation

Mee Rebus Current Market Situation

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Current Market Situation

After the research and investigation, we found that the Mee Rebus has potential in launching the ethnic fast-food chain. The original Mee Rebus is an Indian ethnic food, it dish with spicy kumara gravy garnished with a topping of eggs, bean curd, fried onions, fried shrimp and a slice of lime. Sometimes, Mee Rebus also called as Indian 'Sweet Potato Gravy' Noodles. The traditional Mee Rebus is topped with freshly cut chilies, fried shallots and a hardboiled egg. Half slices of fresh lime is added for you to squeeze before eating to rich the taste, (Source: Delicious Asian Food, 2007).

As a marketing consultant, a recommendation for a new recipe for Mee Rebus is designed for Samad’s new launching restaurant as an ethnic fast-food. Mee Rebus has a potential competitive market because Mee Rebus is very famous within the Indians and Malays culture in Malaysia. The major customers that we targeted in the market are those working people and those who need fast service such as drive-thru service.

The new recipe for Mee Rebus is based on healthy balance. First, we will add the choice of vegetable-made noodle, spinach noodle to substitute the yellow-egg noodle. Besides, we will use a mixture of spinach and the sweet potatoes as major ingredient for the gravy instead of the traditional sweet potatoes base gravy. We choose spinach because it is rich in potassium, iron, riboflavin, vitamin A, and vitamin C. The new healthier recipe is more attractive compare with the traditional recipe because the people prefer more on health nowadays.

The reasons for choosing Mee Rebus in launching as an ethnic fast-food is because the traditional Mee Rebus need to take several time to be ready to serve. This will cause the people who rushing time and the working people who having limited free time feel time consuming for waiting the food. Therefore, the fast-food and drive-thru plan are designed to serve these people. Besides, we focus on the group...

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