Website Address-
Area of study: Mathematics, language arts, basic learning skills and technology
Your Recommendation for Age Group: Grades K-5

Name of Reviewers: Christina Sarro & Nyasia Cauley

1 General Description- What website have you been assigned and what are its major features? (25 word minimum)
The website which we were assigned was The leader in educational computer games for kids. Some major features of the website is the parent and teacher pages; which explains the importance of the site and how to use it. Also the website has a variety of grade levels ranging from K-5. These are in different hyperlinks; within each page it is broken down into sections such as letters and numbers.

List 3 things students will learn as a result of working with this website:

Students will learn...

Mathematical information which applies to their level of academic achievement.
How to use letters and sentences appropriately for their grade level.
How to use technology as a way of learning.

3, What advice would you give users to help them get the most out of this website?
The advice I would give to users which would help them through the website would be for a teacher to go through the website before presenting and assigning it to their class.

It is said “many educational websites offer students learning experiences not available to children and teachers in normal classrooms”.

We think this statement is true/false

How helpful do you feel this website is to student learning?

We think this website is somewhat helpful to student learning because it gives some of the students a jump start on the major areas of what is taught in a kindergarten through third grade classroom. They are learning how to sight words, connect letters and numbers from one – one correspondence, subtilizing where they can quickly recognize and name how many objects are in a small group without counting, cardinality, where the student is...