Meeting the Job Requirements

Meeting the Job Requirements

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Running Head: Job Analysis

Job Analysis
Andrion Kennedy
Dr. Sharla M. Walker, D.M.

Job Analysis
Employees due the merger of both companies, I am putting together an analysis of what I am looking for in team players. This analysis will be base on the each employee of both companies who will fit the new merger speciation of the perfect sales teams. The process will be on member interview, performance standards, criteria for evaluation, and probationary periods for each team member and evaluate the duties of the position.
The interview process will consist of each employee “what are the minimum qualification t hat are needed to successfully meet the requirements of the job” (Sebastian, 2005). Performance standard will be base of you past evaluations. Each employee will be given a 90 day probationary period at which time their position will be revaluated.
We will have also a planning system in place for employees. This will consist of how we can sell more products now that we merged. How to explain to our customers that because we have merged this will them a two for one solution on products sold. We need to figure out how we can sell more cleaning products to our old and new clients. There needs to be someone who can handle complaints from clients of both clients because this transitution will be a new process. The merger will produce a new vision statement that represents both companies’ ideas. That vision will state “People First, Quality Always we not only a seller of cleaning products but a complete cleaning package in the health care industry” (Cascio, 2005). “We know we want our customers to have a positive shopping experience, and we plan to build our business on return customers, so we need to recruit knowledgeable sales and we need to keep their training updated. We need to have enough staff on the sales floor to help customers without feeling distracted by the work they need to do elsewhere. So we...

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