Meeting A Woman

Meeting A Woman


It always amazes me how many of my guy friends come to me for advice on how to meet women. Time after time, I listen to them recite recent encounters with the opposite sex, confused at the predictable outcome. More often than not, their efforts have failed. Again.

There is no magic answer to the question, "How do I meet women?". I can simply tell you what I've seen work in my experience.

From looking for just mere friendship or searching for a date, there are a lot of various ways why men could be interested in meeting women. When most men are still devoted to the saying “just wait til love finds you”, some or still many men just could not afford to waste any more time living alone. It may be a sad truth for some, that most guys just want to meet women for fun; but there still are those serious types who are earnestly seeking a companion for lifetime.


Whatever reason a man may have in his choice to meet women, it is highly important to recognize some truths why men are engaged in such thorough search for company:

1. Everyone has a great need for approval – We all want approval from people who care about us. Approval has been one of the greates slave drivers of all time. It will take a person captive and never let him go until he feels as though he is finally a success in the eyes of a woman. Approving of ourselves has to do with our self-esteem and our self-worth.

2. Everyone has a great need for affection – Many people has been looking for affection all their life. One of the reason is that they never found it at home. All of us want someone to be affectionate with us-preferable someone goo-looking, The truth is that men with a desperate need for affection are the ones who often wind up looking for women in different place, in different ways.

Now, some of you who are reading this were once dating somebody but had just recently broke up. Or if not, you are looking for women to go with....

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