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Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to you, to express my interest in the position of customer advisor. I am particularly interested in this position as I feel I have the qualities needed for a job of this status. I well understand that this is a company on the way up and want be a part of this business as it grows.

One of the key reasons I am attracted to this job is because I feel I have strengths and qualifications to excel in a role like this for example I consider myself to have good communication skills also being conscientious, hard working and enthusiastic. Also having received 6 A-C GCSE grades including double B grade in English, I have worked at a household electricals store In which I interacted with customers of all ages regularly and did my utmost best to give them full satisfaction whilst achieving sales and working amongst a team.

I have further work experience in sales, customer service and stock room organisation.

I feel a job of this class needs skills like conscientiousness, which I have shown to my previous employer as well as my teachers at High school and college by achieving fine grades furthermore conversing and speaking to people of all ages and having good interaction skills is also a necessity which I also feel I have due to my oratory skills. A role like this demands a real commitment to customer assistance, which I have and I can combine this commitment with a flexible approach to working hours and the ability to contribute and I have passion about what I do.

I am extremely confident in my ability to contribute to the success of this company, and really look forward to hearing from you soon

Yours faithfully

Mehtab Ahmed