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Yes ,definitely one can make a difference in the society and the environment he has grown in.Here I am not talking about Mahatma Gandhi,Martin Luther King ,Winston Churchill or the leaders who have made history.But my point is that we as an individual can even make significant contribution to the society,like by taking initiative to plant trees in the colony we stay,try to educate atleast one individual who belongs to a decripit family.So,there are ways in which ,we can become an ideal person and we can set an example....So,Yes even one can make a difference.

Yes I believe that one can make difference. One person can make changes everybody has this power. For example like in this selfish world nobody think about poor people if in every family even one person would help poor people (financially, emotionally, etc) by this most of the poor people would be educated. Every one people can make his society or city neat and clean by putting dust in liters instead of road. They can cultivate more plants and trees. All we can take steps one person can do a lot of good.

It is a very powerful sayings that "One can make a difference". Ofcourse, every individual has the capacity to do great things. But most of the peoples have plans in their mind and they are not applying it in their day-to-day life. It makes them to lose their outstanding performance. If they implement it in their life, they could make a difference and it will be a source of inspiration for others also.

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