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Kuentan Womack

The day we went out side I forgot all my stuff my bubbles my kite everything. At first I thought okay its all good ill just watch everyone play and have fun. So we was going out side I seen the sun out from the class window but I didn’t think it was hot. We took the long way out because we didn’t want to disturb the other classes. So we finally walked out side the sun heat my face with extreme heat and I was quite mad because we had to spend the whole class period outside. I stopped and thought man why does it have to be so hot.

So we walked to the field the gym class was out side so I thought hold hold hold I would look gay in front of the whole gym if I start blowing bubbles and running and jumping up and down…..humm something don’t sound right. So everyone was playing with their bubbles and havening a good time I seat down because I didn’t feel like being in the heat. I went to watch the gym class play baseball.
One the students hit a home run and it was a girl I was shocked.
But I seat down and the sun was beaming on my back and my back was getting hot. I started to get pissed and I didn’t want to move because there was no shade anywhere…man I was pissed.
So we headed back to class and one of the Duffy’s called my name and I went over to see what he wanted. He asked me do I want to buy a phone and I said nawl and I walked off. We went to lunch came back and wrote about our experience outside and that took about 25 minutes and then the bell rang and we all left.

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