Memo on Economic Crisis

Memo on Economic Crisis

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From: Joe Lessfund, Director of Human Resources
To: All eligible full-time employees
Date: February 1, 2009
Subject: Economic Crisis

Dear Valued Employees:

MacNeal Hospital has been part of the community for over 25 years. We are devoted to our customers in providing quality health care, excellent customer service and retaining our best health care workers. Our pay scale reflects out commitment to our employees. We value our employees and stride in making this the best place to work. However there has been a dramatic decline in the census over the past fiscal year, but as a for profit organization we must maintain budget.

MacNeal has explored many avenues to reduce out expenditures in respect to our decline in census. We have considered layoffs to make budget, but has decided against it in order to maintain its high standard of customer-employee satisfaction. We have missed budget by two million dollars in the past fiscal year. Our competitors are reacting to the economic downturn and other pressures by cutting back on their investments, staffing and benefits. We have a unique opportunity to avoid layoffs, maintain quality, and excellent service with our current staff.

In order to maintain budget and quality services to our MacNeal Hospital customers, we are asking that all full time employees take five unpaid vacation days. MacNeal is asking that the unpaid time off occur within the next twelve months. Please refer to your department protocol as to how to request for time off. All eligible full time employees will still receive their six paid holidays and their one paid personal day per year.

To further avoid layoffs and pay cuts we have also decided to setback the pay increases until the following year. Evaluations will still occur as accustomed. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.

Thank you.

Joe Lessfund
Human Resource Director
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