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Date: February 16, 2013
Subject: Reinforcing Customer Service

We are off to a good start this year. However, we have recently been receiving many complaints about our subpar customer service. For example, I received a complaint from a customer that got ignored by all of our employees for 15 minutes. We all know this isn’t acceptable. The customers enjoy the products we have to offer, but our customer service has been detrimental to our success lately. Here are some reminders on how everyone should be handling customers.

Ways to Improve Customer Service
* Always greet and welcome people with a smile when they walk in the door
* Do not talk on the phone when you are ringing up customers orders
* Be positive, no matter how rude the customer is
* Do not tell customers that our bikes are too advanced for them
* Try to sell accessories that boost sales (water bottle holders, gloves, socks, etc.)
* Thank the customers for their purchases and invite them back even if they didn’t buy anything
* You are not allowed to chew gum or wear flip flops. This is not professional

Remember, everyone gets bonuses if we meet our sales goals. We have slipped and become too casual with our customers. We must change these bad habits and work as a team to meet our goals and get those bonuses!

I would like to meet with everyone on Friday to further discuss these changes and answer any questions. I expect everyone to adopt these changes starting next Monday so we can back on track. I am confident we can change these bad habits and continue our success as a company. Have a great day!

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