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We have recently been receiving numerous complaints regarding the printer used by the staff in our department , which is seriously affecting how well they can do their job. For this reason we have sent a survey last week asking about any printer- related problems they have been having .
Here is a brief summary of the responses from those surveyed:
 88% of the staff have concerns with the speed of printing.
 80% have had issues with printing double sided pages.
 73% feel that these problems are interfering with their productivity.
 78% believe the problems have been getting steadily worse since last month.
Given this information, we believe it would be best for the company to replace the old printer, which is quickly deteriorating.

Examples of daily issues with the printer included the following
1. Problems with the printer:
a) When printing 10 or more copies of a document, the printer jams.
b) Printing in colour causes the ink to blur.
2. The paper has jammed about 20 times in the past two weeks, and the blurring with the coloured ink is getting worse by time.

The Canon DeskJet 5940 Printer has been identified as a printer that will fit the needs of our department. This printer has a print speed in color of up to 24 pages per minute and small footprint of 18.1 x 8.7 x 6.7 in.

Our office suppliers are holding a sale this month and are offering a two-month supply of legal paper, plus a free colour ink cartridge with the purchase of their PAL-9000 colour printer, so now would be a perfect time to purchase a new one.

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