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TO: All Management

FROM: Melissa, Project Manager

DATE: October 6, 2013

SUBJECT: New system platform and user interface

Mystic Holdings, Inc. will be holding a two-day IT camp in San Francisco, California and Miami, Florida on October 19 and 20, 2013. Both IT camps take place in the hotels we will be staying at to make things easier. The hotel in San Francisco is the Villa Florence and in Miami we will be staying at the Townhouse Hotel Miami. This year there will be two teams of developers that will head up the educational instructional events from Mystic Holdings. Each day will consist of approximately six (6) hours of training and a question and answer period. The food will be catered by the hotels so that everyone can concentrate on the training and talking to the IT developers.
The first day of IT camp will concentrate on the new compliance polices and the new system platform and user interface. The second day of IT camp will converge on SQL (Standard Query Language) which will be used to maintain and retrieve information from the database.
Online instructional web seminars will also be available from the project team during the week of October 21-26, 2013. There will be two hour segments for this week. There will be assignments for everyone to complete and turn in so that we know that you understand the materials.
We would really prefer to train in person but we realize that with everyone’s schedule it is different and that the face-to-face classes will not accommodate everyone. The web seminars are a way for everyone to learn and understand the new policies and software. Plus, this will allow everyone to complete the course successfully.
At the end of the IT camp and weeklong training each person will understand the basics of the new software and SQL primer. Each person will receive the latest version of Microsoft SQL Server 2014 CTP1 and Report Builder 3.0 for building reports in your future.
What we will cover-
Based on our company’s...

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