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Ever since I was a young child I loved to write, whether it was my own made up stories on my own, or ones I had to do for school. Spelling was fun for a while, till you get graded on it. As the years went by writing in my life was going to change dramatically, learning rules of how to write, all of it was to become a better writer. Since writing was always my favorite subject in school I had to learn how. The only way to learn how is to start from the very beginning.

The firs impression I had with writing was an enjoyable one. I got to learn how to right my name, make a bunch of silly sentences using different words from a word bank. Back in kindergarten or preschool I used to write my name the way I said it, the reason why I spelled my name wrong was due to a speech impediment. My teacher had to write my name out since I will need to write my name on papers in the future. After she wrote my name out, she gave me a stencil with letters and I traced my name, I also had to write it out for myself. The teacher made writing our names a project, we had to make nametags for our tables. We got to decorate it any way we liked; I loved doing that project that day. While riding on the bus all I could think about was I couldn’t wait to tell my mom what I did in class today. After that day I knew that not everyday was going to be like that.

I ended up learning that really fast, in first grade it was all about spelling. Whether it was sounding out each word or just guessing. I always sounded it out but I always added a few extra letters to the word. Then one day the teacher announced that there would be a spelling test for the next week. The fact that there was a test, I had no idea what I test was, I just thought it was homework that was graded harder. There is one word that I always tried to spell and that was library. At first I spelled it like libirary and that was not correct at all. Each night at home I would write out the list of words she gave us over and...

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