Memorandum for Interclean - Envirotech Merger

Memorandum for Interclean - Envirotech Merger

Memorandum for InterClean – EnviroTech Merger

Effective Management

Memo To: Supervisory Team
Re: Importance of Management

The merger between InterClean, Inc and EnvironTech has caused a vast range of emotions throughout the company. In the midst of the chaos, I would like to explain the how a manager can effectively impact the productivity of his or her team and ultimately the company.

A team depends on a manager for support and direction. With that being said in order for a manager to be effective with the team they must be able to promote what they would want to receive from their employees. A glass half full approach is better than being negative when it comes to motivating employees. A motivated workforce will have a higher productivity level than those that are lacking the general direction and goals set by a manager. Most of all the manager has to be able to manage change. In an environment like ours where we are dealing with a merger change is inevitable so in order to be an effective manager he or she must be able to manage the change (in this case the merger), with ease and understanding. A manager should anticipate and respond to developments both internally and externally (Cascio 2005). In addition, they should be allowed be a role model for change and promote it as that is where the company sees their future.

The productivity is greatly affected by change especially when the employees are worried that they may lose their job. In the case of the merger, this is always a possibility but since nothing has been decided it would be irrelevant to jump to any conclusions that may or may not be happening, especially since many would then be fearful of their job when perhaps they should be proactive to seek a new position that would provide more flourishing opportunities. As the saying goes, when life gives you lemons make lemonade, this is the same approach a manager should be teaching or demonstrating to his or her employees. As...

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