Memoreable Events

Memoreable Events

A memorable event essay 500 words

Everyone has their own memorable event, something that makes me forget what is it? Please listen to me Oh!

Spring Festival this year, my sister and her friends, her father, my mother led them down in Phuket, Thailand tourism. First trip abroad, inevitably very excited group of children had been chattering in the car, Dad said: “The original is to go abroad with a group of sparrows.” We all laugh.

Take more than four hours of the aircraft, and finally in Phuket, Thailand, airport. The plane, walked into the airport, met all dark, burly aliens. This is my imagination a little gap, I think foreigners are blue eyes, white skin, tall and big. Later my sister told me that only the Europeans blue eyes and white skin.

Phuket Island, the sky is so blue, white clouds floating in the sky, like white yarn, like a cotton. Came to the beach, blue waters of the wind dance, looking ahead: eyes full of a blue, boundless sea and sky into a blue silk interchange, it is hard to tell where is the sea, where is the day?

Most likes to go to the beach with her sisters: we dug trenches on the beach, take the castle; on the beach picking up shells, white and yellow have a variety of shapes; I also see a coral reef, each tentacles are a small hole, like a small room; we still play in the water the sea, a water fight. Although I can not swim, but also not afraid of wearing a life jacket, and we are having all the fun, the darkness which still do not want to go home.

There, I realized the importance of learning English because it would not speak English, my father, my mother did not dare take to the streets to go shopping; in there, I know that Thailand is a Buddhist country; is said to have a king riding an elephant called and win the war, so the elephant in Thailand has a high status; also know that in Thailand to see the men and women greeting is different, not wrong … …

Although the tourism industry already over, but I still...

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