Men of Color

Men of Color

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Tamika Taylor
October 14, 2013
Men of Color

While riding in a car with a male friend; the police pull us over and ask “where are you coming from” we thought that was the strangest thing. What happened to the questions: do you have a driver license and insurance? Not until Ross asked why we were being pulled over; the officer then asked for license and insurance. At that time the officer still didn’t give a reason as to why we were being pulled over. The situation is very common in urban areas; however Ross and I realized one thing. We were being pulled over because he was driving, a man of color.
In any urban area, you can ride, or walk down the street, and see men of color being stopped and pulled over by the police. It may be for good reason or perhaps nothing at all. For years I’ve watched men of color being categorized by their skin tone. It’s enough being a man of color; however it comes along with many stereotypes. There are many different stereotypes for men of color, and they are used by: media, other men, and women. Some of the different stereotypes include strong-willed, aggression, success, and daring. In some cases these stereotypes are true. They also have an effect on men of color; which will affect each man differently, may it be in a negative or positive way.

Being a man of color, people sometimes associate you with being a criminal. Depending in the clothes you ware and or the neighborhood you live in; somehow you’re labeled as a criminal. You can be a productive citizen who has never been in trouble with the law;
Tamika Taylor

Meanwhile, that don’t keep people from assuming you are of criminal nature. On another hand when you see crimes being committed or watch the news, all you see are men of color.
One crime men of color often commit is selling drugs. A lot of colored men are selling drugs, to support their families. The employment rate is so low there are a lot of men without jobs. You also have a lot of colored men who has not...

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