Mens Health vs Womans Health

Mens Health vs Womans Health

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A. Identify the type of group attended (i.e. Alcoholic Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, etc).

The meeting I attended a Narcotic Anonymous meeting.

B. Describe the philosophy of the particular 12-Step Meeting attended.

Narcotics Anonymous provides an environment where members of the group can share their experience with addiction and recovery with other group members. NA does not take a position on anything outside of the groups own activities and depends solely on group members for funding. This allows people in the group to focus solely of their recovery.

C. Where was the meeting held and who sponsored the meeting?

D. Discuss the demographic make-up of the group members

There were 32 members who attended this meeting
The gender/ethnicity was as follows.
Male – 56%
Female – 44%

White/ Non-Hispanic - 50%
African American - 30%
Hispanic – 20%

E. What were the ground rules for the meeting?

The ground rules for the meeting were as follows.
* No smoking.
* Respect others.
* Be open minded.

F. Describe the interactions that took place while the meeting was in session.

A video of a speaker was shown during the meeting. So there was very little talking during the meeting and a lot of listening. During the meeting the members of the group actively listened to what the speaker was speaking about.

G. Describe the primary theme or themes that seemed to dominate the group process. Were they directly or indirectly related to the stated reasons for the group meeting?

Working the steps was the primary theme of the meeting. The main discussion centered on how it at times difficult to stick with the program yet in the end it was worth it.

H. Describe the major functional problem area(s) of the group members. How does abuse affect their life?

The main problem that was seen amongst this group was staying committed to the program. The speaker spoke of how at times he did not understand why a step would require him to take curtain...

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