Mentoring children

Mentoring children

Mentoring Children Is Important

It’s always hard in life as an adult. Like paying bills for rent, car note, water. Now imagine being a child. Not having a care in the world .Just playing video games. Playing outside with friends. Not having to work. Getting meals made for you and all you have to do is go to school .then you come home and you throw all your stuff everywhere. You’re personal maids (which are your parents because they clean the majority of stuff.) As a child all you want is new clothes. Every new pair of Jordan’s that come out. Every new game that comes out on X Box and every new cell phone, IPhone 6 to be exact. Just a little 600 dollar phone. Nice life for children Huh But where’s is the structure.

When I think of structure I think of being, a well-rounded kid. Such as knowing you have responsibility. In that I mean you are centered and in tone to real life situations. Your growing in to your own making sure you know and try to get good grades in school. Being very respectful of older adults’. Keeping your bathroom clean. Not making a mess in the kitchen. Keeping your toys off the floor in your room. And with responsibility comes great leadership. Being a great cleaner of your room picking up behind yourself with toys and things like that builds structure and also prepare you for when you become an adult. Oh and I should have added pets as well in that cause taking care of pets also gives you a well balance sense of structure.

Then you become a teen. And in these years I believe are very important of the years in teens, where a mentor is important. With all the bad things teens do trying to fit into the popular or bad crowd. From taking drugs and not listening to your parents. I believe this is the most important years of a mentor coming in the life of a teen. The mentor is there to guild the teen’s life into positivity and helps keep the teen on a righteous path. Sometimes a parent is not the voice the teen...

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