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Re: Mentors

Definition: Individuals that provide career guidance, advice, help with obstacles along the way and can explain office culture and politics or give insight into how to make a presentation to different managers within the organization. (Satterlee, 2013)


So what exactly is a mentor are they someone who just gives advice to you on something, or do they actually help build you to be a better performer? For me a mentor is someone who you look up to and try to strive to be as close to in performance as you possible can. If we just look at the book definition it makes it seem that a mentor is basically a teacher. Yes this is true that a good mentor is a teacher, but they are so much more than just a teacher. As you see yourself moving forward in your career field or just in life you need that one person to look up to. A mentor is there through the good times and the bad times they will not hesitate to tell you the truth, even if it means coming down hard on you for a mistake and issuing a punishment. Mentors should also be that driving outside motivator for you to strive to better yourself. We as leaders should strive to be that mentor for the up and coming leaders of tomorrow. Everyone in this world should have a mentor of some shorts to strive to become. Mentors are something that every business needs to have in it, a good one will provide that stabilization needing, strive to be better, and the drive out of anyone. When you are in that leadership role you should strive to be a mentor to someone teach them the right and wrong ways, led them to being a better person and leader themselves.
When you read through the Bible we all know of the great mentor and that is Jesus. Now when you continue to read through we find Paul. Paul mentored church leadership throughout the land helping anyone and all that he can with his knowledge and teachings....

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