Merchant of Venice Play Re Enactment.

Merchant of Venice Play Re Enactment.

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In a street in Venice, Salerio and Solanio talk about where Lorenzo is, and how Gratanio went with Bassanio. They also mock Shylock, regarding him being upset about his daughter and money.
After this Salerio and Solanio leave to look for Antonio.
In a movie theatre in Toronto.
Bob and peter enter a movie theatre together

Bob: hey bud, did you hear, I saw billy and George get in a limo, but I’m pretty Larry didn’t go with ‘em.

Peter: yeah I did, but you hear about Sam, he yelled so loud he woke the police chief up to look for his girlfriend.

Bob: yeah but he came to late. But the chief said that he saw Larry and Jessica in a limo, but Tony said that they weren’t in the limo with Billy

Peter: Sam was so mad; I’ve never heard anything like it! He was complaining about his girlfriend and his money, pshh , he was so annoying. ‘my money, my girlfriend, oh god where is my money, my girlfriend, where is she! Oh my money! The unjust! My girlfriend took my money and ran away! Find her she has my money!’

Bob: yeah all the kids in the town were following him, mocking him.

Peter: I sure hope Tony returns the money he borrowed from Sam, or else Sam is gonna take out all his anger on him, and boy is he gonna be screwed.

Bob: you’re right about that, I heard from a bar that one of the local bands he likes broke up, I sure hope that that’s not Tony’s ‘cause if that is, Tony’s in some real trouble.

Peter: You should tell him about that, He’ll want to know, he might be mad about people getting the idea that he can’t keep a band together.

(Usher shushes them, points flashlight at them. Exits through opposite side, sweeping flashlight like hes watching the crowd.)

Bob: You know underrated Tony’s one the nicest guys I know. I saw him waving to Billy when he was going away. Billy said he’d be right back, and Tony told him “not to rush, to have fun and enjoy himself on his limo...

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