There were clouds of black smoke billowing into the air, Off set by the cerulean sky. A medium height man stood clad in a cloak, hood pulled up to where no features but the black grieves on his legs were visible. The man stood upon a cliff top overlooking an amassing army, they forming ranks and carriers running back and forth to men on horse back. This army was sloppy, must have been a new regiment, most likely a desperate man try to expand to quickly. The man turned his attention to the gates of the city. This would no doubt be there next target. The hooded man set off toward the gates of the city, staying to the shadows to hide his presence. Carefully climbing down the cliff and making his way through the gates the hooded man passed through a thick crowd of people. Eyes shifting from one face to another scanning the crowd for a familiar face for any indication that someone he knew had survived the attack. Screams from a distraught mother echoed through out the crowded street. The sound of sloshing feet could be heard on the cobble stone road, the mix of blood and tears filling the cracks.

A loud bang roared over the sound of the crowd and suddenly all was silent. No one cried out or screamed, it was as if the whole city was muted. The man turned his head and looked toward the gates. The sound of shifting armor could be heard and then the noise of the city came back in a rush. People began to panic and push against him, he gritted his teeth in aggravation as he saw the distant glint of armor rushing past the gate.

An oblivious elderly man was the first, he made no sound except when he hit the ground. Then it was everyone for them selves. The people turned on each other in that instant, people that had just been consoling each other now threw one another to the ground in attempts to escape the onslaught that was about to begin.

A young child was pushed from a stack of boxes, as she was trying to look over the crowd to see what was happening. The...

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