Methodical Tabulation of All Known Consumer Wants

Methodical Tabulation of All Known Consumer Wants

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Gap Analysis: Global Communications
University of Phoenix
MBA/500 – Foundations of Problem-Based Learning
Dr. Frank Coprivniar
March 24, 2008

Gap Analysis: Global Communications
What is a gap analysis? A gap analysis is defined as, “Methodical tabulation of all known 'consumer wants ' of a particular product category, together with a cross-listing of the features of existing products which satisfy those wants” (, n.d.). When should a company perform a gap analysis? A company should perform a gap analysis to measure the organization’s current position and its desired future. The result from a gap analysis outlines specific strategies and resource allocations to close the gap.
Global Communications is a company that is losing its competitive edge in the telecommunications industry. In this gap analysis, elements that are affecting Global Communications are outlined. The elements that will be provided are: issue and opportunity identification, categorizing stakeholders’ perspectives and ethical dilemmas, and finally identifying an end-state vision.
Situation Analysis
Issue and Opportunity Identification
Three years ago, Global Communications stock was valued at $28 a share. Today, Global Communications stock is valued at $11 a share which is a drastic 50 % depreciation. Global Communications is experiencing a hardship in the telecommunications industry. Global Communication’s biggest competition is the cable companies. These cable companies offer customers complete telecommunication solutions that include telephone service, computers and television. Facing these issues, Global Communication stakeholders have come together to make a decision on how to become a more profitable company.
The issue of increasing both revenue and profits through more aggressive globalization is a challenge. How can Global Communications achieve their goal? The stakeholders will need to layoff...

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