Methodology Assignment

Methodology Assignment

Research Design
The research design that I have chosen is of qualitative method. In a qualitative study, “research design should be a reflexive process operating through every stage of a project” (Hammersley & Atkinson, 1995, p. 24); the activities of collecting and analyzing data, developing and modifying theory, elaborating or refocusing the research questions, and identifying and dealing with validity threats are usually going on more or less simultaneously, each influencing all of the others. In addition, the researcher may need to reconsider or modify any design decision during the study in response to new developments or to changes in some other aspect of the design.
Qualitative method is use to get information that cannot be obtained well with quantitative methods. Qualitative methods are used to study human behaviour and behavioural changes. Complex behaviour is not well captured by quantitative techniques. My aim is to understand the human behaviour of children whose parents are divorced. How has divorce affected them? Do they behave differently now than when their parents were married. For this study, thirty (30) children of both divorced and married parents were selected from the community of St. Ann, Jamaica through stratified random sampling technique. A self-designed open ended questionnaire was prepared. Each question is open so that respondents can give their true feelings.

Unit of Analysis
The unit of analysis is school aged children up to adolescent 6 to 17 years. The methodology used is questionnaires. Open ended questions were asked to give the respondent the freedom to speak their minds and feel free to give their honest feedback.

Unit of Analysis
School aged children to adolescents between the ages of 6 to 17 years Males Females # of children that did not complete the questionnaire


Children of Married Parents

Children of divorced parents

# of children that did not...

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