Methods of maintenance the Hydraulic cone crusher

Methods of maintenance the Hydraulic cone crusher

HCC Hydraulic Cone Crusher is widely used for secondary and fine crushing in the fields of mining, building materials, metallurgy and so on. It can crush materials with middle and high hardness, such as ironstone, copper ore, granite, basalt, cobblestone, marble, limestone, and so on. It is popular to the high automatic crushing line which has strict requirements for finished products' shape and ratio.

The science and technology develop quickly in China, so does the hydraulic cone crusher industry. Hydraulic cone crusher manufacturers not only speedy up the research on technology and quality, but also make adjustment to the product structure and technical innovation. Only if hydraulic cone crusher manufacturers concentrate on the product development and innovation, there would be more new types of hydraulic cone crushers appear on the international market stage. The strong technology team of Great Wall Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd has researched and developed single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher.

Great Wall high efficiency hydraulic cone crusher is equipped with three hydraulic insurance devices, including insurance cylinder grinding mill, locking cylinder and hydraulic pushing cylinder. They realize failure treatment without dissembling parts while play an insurance role. The hydraulic adjustment, thin oil lubrication and effective labyrinth seals fundamentally eliminate oil-water-mixture and other common faults of old spring cone crushers. For hydraulic cone crusher, the hydraulic system is crucial, so how to maintain and care it?

That keeping the hydraulic system and hydraulic oil clean is the key to maintain hydraulic system. Therefore, the following points should be complied.
1. Select proper hydraulic oil according to the manual of hydraulic cone crusher.
2. Adopt closed oil tank; fix an air filter having certain accuracy at the entrance of the oil tank.
3. During the use, stop the invasion of moisture small rock crusher, emulsion, dust,...

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