Metrology Software Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast Till 2020 by FMI

Metrology Software Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast Till 2020 by FMI

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Metrology is a field of science which involves study of all practical and theoretical aspects
of measurements. With the rising sophistication and growing demand for metrology
services from different industries, automation has become key criteria to achieve desired
levels of efficiency and accuracy. Thus, software solutions used for achieving automation
have become critical to ensure metrology devices/equipment perform with utmost
efficacy. These metrology software solutions affect the ways through which users interact
with measurement systems required in a manufacturing processes. It includes
monitoring, controlling, displaying and reporting every part of the measuring process. It
also includes understanding and analysis of measurements, surface defect analysis and
performance review solutions. Metrology software is recognized for its high accuracy,
design flexibility and hardware independent features allowing software support for
multiple hardware combinations. Additionally, its capability to integrate several functions
within a single unit helps to minimize the size and space requirements of the measuring
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Metrology software is useful in a number of applications that include evaluation and
measurement of positional and structure tolerances. Since past three decades, industries
have been shifting towards computer aided measurement systems for improvement in
quality of the products. Moreover, through accurate measurements, it is possible to
reduce the wastage of resources such as fuel, energy and time in manufacturing of a


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