Mexician American History

Mexician American History

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Mexican Americans, Cuban Americans, Puerto Ricans and Guatemalan Americans. Latin groups in America.

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Mexicans are the largest group of Hispanic Americans. There are almost 14 million documented Mexicans living in the United States of America. Most Mexican Americans reside in California and Texas. Mexican Americans are facing many troubles lately. Immigration is a huge issue for Mexicans as well as a huge language barrier. Mexican American children are facing problems is American schools because many school refuse to create bilingual programs. Mexican American workers are also having the same problems when it comes to getting valid employment. Spanish is the primary language of Mexican Americans.
Another problem facing the Mexican American community is poverty. Unfortunately many young Mexican Americans do not graduate high school and are forced to compete for work with “untrained illegal workers” who “often work for less than the minimum wage and without benefits.” (Encarta Encyclopedia 2008) Although poverty is an economic dilemma amongst the Mexican American community, many of them excelling in academics and becoming the first generation to graduate from college in today’s society. A factor helping the Mexican American community deal with their economic issues is their strong religious faith.
Mexican Americans families are traditional, the male will take care of the financial issues and the female will take care of all the household chores. Mexican American faith is primarily catholic, the take religion very seriously and have a strong sense of faith. There are so many Mexican American religious festivals that take place in the United States. The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe on December 12th is a major
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celebration for Mexican Americans. Three Kings Day on January 6th is another important religious event held by many Mexican Americans. Mexican Americans also celebrate their...

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