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Earl Kellam
Assignment #1

1.2 Opportunities
Disruption created by hurricane Gustov
Rising fuel and utility cost
Development of new technologies for energy use reduction
Strong Interest
Development of new technologies and their potential uses
Reduction of energy consumption through better design/use of systems
Achieving financial and social independence
Helping others to achieve their goals through sharing of knowledge
Strong researcher with interest in many different fields
22 years of management experience supervising large numbers of people
Diverse business experience including both retail and service industries
Experience in starting, developing, and selling new businesses
Computer programming skills centered on website development
Continuous desire to learn and improve
Willing to explore circuitous routes to achieve goals not easily attainable
Tenacity in achieving self set goals bordering on obsession.

There is a natural match between my desire to reduce energy bills, my ability to research existing methods of improving fuel consumption and insulation techniques and the rising cost of fuel/utility bills. The technology exist to drastically lower a families fuel cost but most individuals are unaware of these technologies. A successful business could be build around installing these technologies within households or businesses and capitalizing upon the savings afforded to the customer. In order to successfully capitalize upon this opportunity I would need sufficient funding and time to develop the business model, an effective advertising campaign, and dependable employees to install the technology in customer’s homes or businesses. The key requirement being funding since all of the other requirements can be purchased.

1.4 I personally admire Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the team who co-founded Google. These two individuals developed a new and improved system for handling...