Mgmt 404 Case Study

Mgmt 404 Case Study

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MGMT 404 Week 6 Case Study: Western Oceanography Institute: Project Leadership and Outsourcing & Project Procurement – Discussion

Case Study: Western Oceanography Institute (graded) |
Case Study: Western Oceanography Institute (graded) |
Review the case study on pages 366 - 370. Answer the three questions at the end of the case. Your answers must be supported by the facts of the case. You will be graded on the content of your answers as well as your feedback to other responses. 

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| | | RE: Solutions for WOI | Angel Lopez | 10/6/2013 9:59:09 AM |
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| 1.     How would I respond to the Director’s question, “I want to know why I wasn’t informed about these problems?”
I would respond to the Director of our communication plan not going as planned, however, there were solutions already in place to ease staff member concerns. And that Young had emailed an announcement that her IS staff was present to assist with projects, and that she created a virtual project office online for researchers to work across time zones with colleagues on foreign soil, with Amanda Johnson, an assistant professor had used the system and inquire her confirmation in the meeting how she looks forward to spending more time on this type of project (aligning an ally). I would advise the Director for future projects our efforts to coordinate with the Fire marshals on future projects ahead of time to lessen time impacts of fire hazard inspections. I...

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