Mgmt Sop

Mgmt Sop

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How do you see the PGSEM helping you in your goals? (150 words)

My taking up the PGSEM course has twin objectives, namely, self-development and learning all aspects of setting up, managing a commercial/social enterprise. Having worked in the software industry for five years, I have closely seen the software development life-cycle. However, there are several aspects of business and the economy that are of interest to me and I find the time ripe to explore these in a formal way, through academics; specifically strategic management of a firm, innovation strategies, and the scope of strategic consulting. Getting ready to usher in acceleration in growth opportunities in my career through strategic management is what I keenly look forward to. Also entrepreneurship is what I have set as my long-term goal for which it would be essential to understand the micro- and macro-economic concepts and details of running a sustainable yet profitable enterprise, and IIMB is the ideal place to begin.

How would the PGSEM classroom benefit by your presence? (150 words)

I consider myself a big-picture thinker, possessing excellent communication and presentation skills (I was recently the conductor of events for our business domain day celebrations - audience of about five hundred). I am also capable of resolving tough engineering issues synthesizing ideas, analyzing a problem from various angles, applying an appropriate mix of intuitive and logical thinking, essentially by getting down to the details. Initiative-driven and possessing a very imaginative mindset, I have successfully executed several initiatives (being the communications focal within the business domain). I will bring to the table insights from my varied interests, fortified by my avid reading habit, which has kept me abreast of the latest information, sources of wisdom, knowledge. I actively volunteer for and participate in various intellectually stimulating events, extracurricular activities (participated as...

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