MGT 330 Final Exam Guide 100% Correct Answers

MGT 330 Final Exam Guide 100% Correct Answers

MGT 330 Final Exam Guide 100% Correct Answers
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Which of the following statements regarding vision is NOT accurate?

The first step in effective delegation is selecting the person to whom you will delegate.

If Rosanne, a manager at XYZ delegates responsibility to a subordinate, she is relieved of the ultimate responsibility and accountability to higher-ups.

A basic characteristic of decentralized organizations is delegating authority to people at lower hierarchical levels to make decisions and take action.

Which of the following does NOT describe effective plans in organizations?

Which is the first step in the formal planning process?

Honesty, caring, loyalty, fairness, and integrity are all examples of:

The final stage in the human resource planning process is to:

The programming stage of human resources management consists of:

The planning process of human resources management begins with:

An organization chart conveys all of the following EXCEPT:

A process in which different individuals and units perform different tasks is:

Which of these is created through the division of labor and job specialization?

Which of the following is an advantage of product departmentalization?

Ruby recently accepted a job with a large insurance firm as an internal auditor. Ruby has found that her job is different than the internship she had at an accounting consulting firm. The insurance firm has strictly defined job responsibilities and lines of communication. For every decision Ruby needs to make, approval must be obtained from upper management. Overall, she has found the atmosphere to be quite formal as compared to the internship. Ruby has concluded that the insurance firm has:

An organization with departmentalization that groups...

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