MGT 360 DQ

MGT 360 DQ

Week 1 DQ

Question 1

When considering sustainable business practices, many people first think of energy usage and pollution. What are other elements of sustainable business practices and products? In what way do these elements affect the overall sustainability of a business? Provide specific examples to support your answers.

Recycling is the most common thing to think of. Around where I live recycling has been apart of home use for as long as I can remember. Now companies have been “Going Green.” Recycling seems to be the go too idea. But companies can also find ways to cut energy use by using energy efficient light bulbs and products. Finding ways and areas to cut back on. Portland, Oregon has approved a ban on all plastic one-use bags in stores and restaurants. They want people to “Bring Your Bag.” They want people to use reusable bags to cut back on plastic waste. Stores have encourages people to do this by giving them five cents off their purchase for each reusable bag they bring and use. They have also switched to all recyclable paper bags. This is a good way for companies to reduce waste and even the use of one-use bags or bags that cannot be easily recycled.

Question 2

A local landscaping company is considering implementing sustainable practices related to the chemicals and machinery they use and the employees they hire. What are some advantages and disadvantages for this type of company, when implementing a sustainable business plan? Consider financial, ethical, social, legal, and practical aspects of business. Provide specific examples to support your answers.

Some advantages for a landscaping company switching equipment and chemicals to be more sustainable would be reaching the “Green” people; the people who prefer things to be naturally and safe for the environment. I do believe in some areas companies get rewarded for becoming sustainable. The main disadvantage would be cost. The cost of...


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