mgt 500 - case 1

mgt 500 - case 1

Lesson 1 Case Studies
Venalyn Marie Babia
International American University
MGT 500: Operations Management & Supply Chain
Prof. Christina Baker
March 6, 2015

Listo Systems Growth
Listo Systems is a graphic service agency with a long history of success. In the early 1990s, the company quickly grew into one of the top graphic service companies in the world.  Because of the undying efforts of the management, the company was able to get huge achievement in such short span of time only. During the 1990’s the company has become one of the top graphic service company around the world. A lot of factor have come a long the way such a technological advancement, change in consumer needs and demand as well as the competitors affected the list system.

Review/Analysis of the Case
Analysis of Findings

Listo system doesn't seem to know how to take care the pressure of arrangement and proper delegation of their new employees. The company hire staffs but they didn't train them well. The management wasn’t able to rely to the employees the main concern so they weren;t able to achieve their goals. This is were motivation comes in. When the people know the goals of the company, they take part on it and also put an effort on attaining it.

The impact of power shifting from the seller to buyer
Listo system has been making name in the graphic designing world but the company wasn’t able to go with the market growth correctly. They weren’t able to use well their resources. The latest technology were not able to produce the good and services according to what their customer needs and demand. In this case, different competitors tried to fill in that space. The latest technology made the competitors make more quality good products in a better price between the other competitors. Now, the customers are much aware about the quality and price of the product. So now, the substitute product’s availability makes the bargaining power of the customer to buy more...

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