MGT 521 WEEK 6

MGT 521 WEEK 6

MGT 521 WEEK 6
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MGT 521 WEEK 6
MGT 521 Week 6 Balanced Scorecard, MGT 521 Week 6 Career Plan Reflection, MGT 521 Week 6 Learning Team Reflection,Week 6 Quiz
1- Write a reflection paper of no more than 350 words based on the Career Plan Building Activities completed throughout this course. In the paper, consider the following questions:
 What are the next steps in your career plan?
 What milestones have you established in the Career Plan to monitor your progress towards your career goals? Why do you think these steps are important in helping you progress?
 How can you focus your time and attention in future courses based on your career competencies and goals?
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2- Read Case Application 1, “Lessons from Lehman Brothers: Will We Ever Learn?” at the end of Ch. 5 of Management.
Discuss the scenario with your team.
Discuss the second, third, and fifth discussion questions at the end of the case with your team.
Answer each question based on your team’s discussion in no more than 350 words per question.
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3-1. As a university student, your institution’s social principles and practices reflect on you, as a stakeholder, in the organization. Therefore, it is your right to question how these practices should be evaluated in relation to the social issues that your school is addressing. If your university was paying minimum wage when necessary and applying the minimum legal standards to its employees’ work environment, it would be said to have fulfilled its ________.
social obligation
social responsibility
social responsiveness
social expectation
Bottom of Form
Incorrect :
An organization performs certain activities because it is obligated to do so to avoid economic or legal ramifications. By paying the...

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