Mgt 521

Mgt 521

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Stephanie Alfred
University Of Phoenix
MGT: 521

Scenario 1

I would use the digital marketing as my communication tool to market the beverage product globally. Digital marketing is a great tool for communication globally. Marketing on the internet is the best choice because we will reach a broad variety of people because we will be able to market not only on the internet but also through e-mail, and wireless media. Power point presentation will be the communication tool that I will use to present these ideals to the Vice President of Operation. Power point presentation can give the VP a visual of how the product will be market globally.
Scenario 2
In the case I would email IT to let them know of the problems that we as having with the username and password. Once the new username and password has been sent to me I would then email all employee of the new changes as well as sent a copy of the new log on information in each of there pay checks. This would be a great form of commutation because we have only 11 employees.
Scenario 3
I would have a mandatory meeting to let the employees know of the problems that the company is going through. I would show them the same solution that I came up with and listen to any feed back the employees may have. This would be the best forms of communication because I will be able to reach everyone all at once. And all employee will receive the same information. Once the meet is over I will schedule a meet face to face with the employee who are being let go. I feel a face to face private meeting would be more formal.

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