mGT 585 Final

mGT 585 Final

MGT 585 Final Exam—Spring 2015

Instructions: This exam is open book and open note. For the multiple choice-short answer portion of the exam, please highlight your multiple-choice responses and type your short answer responses in the space provided. The point values for each item are provided and this section is worth a total of 70 points (5 points per each of the 14 chapters). The essay portion of the exam is designed to evaluate your knowledge of some of the critical management issues and functions that you have studied in this course. This portion of the exam is worth 30 points. Make sure that you answer the question as thoroughly as possible and that you use sufficient reference support to substantiate your response. Delve into the journal literature to find research articles on the topics you are discussing. Provide full citations for all of the references that you use in APA format, immediately following your essay response. A grading rubric for this portion of the exam is included below the essay question. Please take this exam by yourself. Do not share your answers with your fellow students. Remember that you signed an academic honesty policy at the beginning of the semester. When you have completed this exam, please submit it to the appropriate dropbox in eCollege. This exam is due by 1:00 PM on May 5th (Tuesday).

Multiple Choice-Short Answer Section (70 Points)

Chapter 1: Managers and Management

1. How can Mintzberg’s 10 managerial roles best be grouped? (3 points)
(1) Informational
(2) Interpersonal
(3) Decisional

2. According to the book, what do middle-managers spend most of their time doing? (1 point)
Answer: Responsible for translating goals set by top managers into specific details that lower-level managers will see get done.

3. A candy manufacturer that made candy at a lower cost without improving the quality of the candy could be said to ________. (1 point)

Increase efficiency without increasing effectiveness


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